[Bell Historians] Old bell at Lanhydrock

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Tue May 3 11:11:58 BST 2022

Neil Skelton via Bell-historians wrote:

> According to Arthur C. Cannon C.B. of Cornwall 1979 p.31. Also an ancient 
> service bell, recast in the 14th century, 23. 7/8 inches (inaccessible) . 
> Inscription "ATHELSTAN SUMPTA ANIMA SUA (reversed?)

Thanks.  If it was recast in late mediaeval times, that 
makes a great deal more sense, and the diameter leaves 
little doubt this is the bell listed in Dove.

I can see there may be legitimate doubt over whether the 
bell is 14th century (per Cannon) or 16th (per Dove), but it 
seems inconceivable that someone would confuse an 11th 
century bell for a late mediaeval one.

Are there any other known examples of inscriptions being 
reused when bells were recast in mediaeval times?


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