[Bell Historians] An anonymous bell from 1675

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Do you have the full text of the inscription?  I agree that it could well be a Dutch or Flemish bell; my knowledge of Dutch bells is very limited, but it might provide some clues.


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I would have thought that its Dutch, but no sufficiently versed enough as to the founder.




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Dated 1675, and carrying a Latin religious inscription but no identification of its maker, this bell was reported as having been a ship's bell before it came ashore in Massachusetts in 1702/3.  Certainly it was used thereafter as a church bell and then as a courthouse bell; it is now a museum piece.


See the bell at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Captain_Peter_Adolph_Bell.jpg

Click on the photo for a larger version; then click again for a super-large version.

Follow the "file usage" link to learn more of its post-arrival history.


Would anyone care to speculate on a possible maker, or even just a probable country of origin?


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