[Bell Historians] Russian bells at Arundel Castle

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu May 19 17:44:59 BST 2022

Wikipedia has a number of photos of what it describes as 
'three 17th century Russian Orthodox church bells' on 
display at Arundel Castle, which were allegedly taken from 
Sevastopol in 1856.


Does anyone know anything about these bells?  I can't see 
anything in Elphick's Sussex, though he mentions a single 
1656 call cast by M Kordt, and which is the heaviest of 
three other bells listed in Dove.  Dove states M Cordt is 
from Lübeck, though I cannot find any other information on 
this founder.  Are these three bells the ones allegedly 
taken from Sevastopol?  Are there another three bells there? 
Or is the Crimea story apocryphal?


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