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I was wondering if anyone might know when the old eight at west toft where
last rung, judging by my own research I get the impression that they never
rung that much and they where almost certainly unringable by the time the
place was abandoned in the 1950s, However what I am curious to find out is
where they ever a gallery ring? (as I can remember reading this somewhere)
and was there ever a local band here ?. 

Many thanks 

Oliver lee 


It seems likely that the bells were rung from a gallery, and that they were
still ringable when the village was closed in 1942 when the area became the
Battle School Area. There had been a peal rung there on 25 July 1936. The
bells were stolen in two raids during 1969. RW 1969 p505, 546, 703, RW 1998
p519, p619 refer. I'm sure David Cawley can add much more information.


Andrew Bull


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