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Please can we take this conversation "off list"?

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Hi Julian,

I don’t know if you are familiar with the book, but it is quite large. There are two volumes, over 700 pages in total. It measures 11” x 9½” and is quite weighty. It originally sold for £75, as it is in very good condition how does £35 + postage at cost sound?

It may be that we can get it to you by a different means, I do ring regularly with people from Swindon, so that would get it well on the way to you.



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Hi Colin,

I’m a clock man really rather than bells (though the same founders made both – so I kind of write about both)…

What I’m saying is I wouldn’t know what to offer you on the Devon book. Could you give me an indication, please?


Julian Parr


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Due to some sorting out I find I have the following books available:

Dove 6th Ed 1982, interleaved signed by the author

Dove 9th Ed 2000

Musical Handbells 2000 William Butler

Buckinghamshire Bells & Belfries 2019 2 vols Matthew J Smith

Church Bells of Leicestershire  1876 Thomas North

Towers and Bells handbook 1973 Central Council

Church Bells of Derbyshire vols 1, 2 & 3

Towers & Bells of Devon 2007 2 vols Scott, Mack and Clarke.

Enquiries off list please, any reasonable offer considered.

Colin Turner
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