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The 1894 date is based on a deduction made by me when researching tubular
bells. I haven't found any definite information, but Kelly's Directory for
1915 (p.315) mentions that the tower was restored and heightened in 1894.
The tubular bells were probably installed then.


There is no date for them in Christopher Dalton's The Bells and Belfries of
Dorset, Part II (2001) pp.471-2, but he does give a detailed account of the
two surviving C16 bells and the tower, which was built in 1799-1801.


The Dorset books are still in print - and available from me (please email me
offline for details) - but I can scan the relevant pages for Mike's enquirer
if required. Dalton's original notes and rubbings are at the John Taylor
Bellfoundry Archives at Loughborough EXCEPT for the Dorset material, which
he wanted to go to the Dorset History Centre. 


Chris Pickford

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