[Bell Historians] Manufacturers of handbells for export?

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Taylors supplied a few large handbell sets to the USA, Canada and Australia – and perhaps other places overseas too. The dates are from the 1870s onwards, including several sets of three chromatic octaves and others (e.g. 47 and 125 bells). I’ve only had a very quick look at the index but there are certainly some big export orders


It’s only thanks to the efforts of one of the Museum volunteers – Chris Birkby – that we can now find information on these quite easily. He has been painstakingly indexing the sales daybooks, and his index now covers the years 1848 to 1914. So, for the first time handbell sales – and replacements and repairs – for particular places and clients can be traced. 


Chris Pickford

Archives team – Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust

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