[Bell Historians] The origins of the technology used for steel bells

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Subscribers to this list who care about steel bells and the work of Naylor
Vickers might be interested in a new page I have just put on my website


A German contact recently sent me a copy of a 1972 paper that changed my
understanding of the origins of the steel casting technology used by Naylor
Vickers. The processes and in particular the moulding technology were
discovered in Germany by the owners of Bochumer Verein in the 1840s and
licensed to Naylor Vickers in 1854. There was a close collaboration between
Naylor Vickers and Bochumer Verein in the 1850s and 1860s, including
exchanges of staff, as the technology was developed and exploited, and used
for other purposes, such as the casting of wheels for railway vehicles, as
well as for bells.


None of this makes Naylor Vickers bells sound any better! But it has stood
my view of the history on its head.




Bill H




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