[Bell Historians] Isleham, pre-augmentation

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Thu Jul 6 09:48:18 BST 2023

c.j.pickford.t21--- via Bell-historians wrote:

> Sue Marsden wrote a couple of excellent articles about Isleham in the RW.
> Worth looking at. I don't have the references to hand but can check them
> later in the week CP 

Thanks.  (And thanks too to GAD for the tenor weight as 
received in Loughborough.)

I'm guessing this is 'Collapse!', RW 2006, pp. 369-71, 
393-95.  Part 1 covers Feltwell, Norf, and part 2, Isleham, 
Cambs and Colne, Hunts.

It seems the bells were almost never rung between 1868 when 
the old tower collapsed and shortly after 1897 when 
strengthening work was carried out on the new tower.

Another helpful article is 'St Andrew, Isleham, 
Cambridgeshire', RW 1976, pp 689.  That implies the bells 
were rehung in or shortly after 1911.

But no information about the situation before 1868.  It may 
be that nothing is known.


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