[Bell Historians] Defining acoustical heritage: A qualitative approach based on expert interviews

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Wed Nov 22 09:04:21 GMT 2023

Dear colleagues and friends,

You may find the paper below that was published by one of our MSc students
in the Institute for Sustainable Heritage interesting.

Xiaoyan Zhu, Tin Oberman, Francesco Aletta. *Defining acoustical heritage:
A qualitative approach based on expert interviews. **Applied Acoustics*,
Volume 216, 2024, 109754.

The interdisciplinary study of acoustics/sound and heritage occurs in
different countries and cultures, but there is no uniform consensus on the
terminology and definitions of the field. This study aims to explore the
definition of acoustical heritage. The study used structured interviews
with experts from different cultures and different disciplines and analyzed
the interview data in detail through thematic analysis. The five themes
are: different terminology, subjects in acoustical heritage, possible
categories of acoustical heritage, value of acoustical heritage, and
challenges of acoustical heritage preservation. Based on individual
definitions of acoustical heritage proposed by experts and through detailed
analysis and discussion, this paper proposes a multidimensional definition
of acoustical heritage.

Keywords: Archaeoacoustics; Heritage; Multidimensional approach;
Preservation; Terminology; Definition; Thematic analysis

All my best,

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