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I can't really add much to the detailed account that Neil has already
provided, but - for what it's worth - here's the relevant paragraph from
Christopher Dalton's unpublished "Wiltshire" manuscript.


The two-tier wooden frame, with gallows outer ends to the third and fourth
pits, and most of the fittings were the work of the Croydon foundry in 1883.
Five bells are on one level and the treble hangs above the second.  The
fittings include wooden stocks with unusual gudgeons and ball bearings.  The
gudgeons were altered from strap to a sort of plate type, the ball bearings
provided, the third and fourth stocks renewed, and tie-rods fitted to the
frame, by local effort in 1980-81, a "DIY" job with Captain John
Mansfield-Robinson acting as the driving force.  Despite the tower, frame
and fittings being no earlier than Victorian in date, the belfry has a
pleasingly old-fashioned feel about it.


Given what others have said, this seems an unusually diplomatic description
of the work. Captain Mansfield-Robinson seems to have been responsible for
other DIY projects at East Kennett and at Marlborough (St.Peter)


Chris Pickford

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