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Just slightly off the subject, but perhaps of interest to others . . . After Walter Durfee got the exclusive license for Harrington's tubular bells in North America, he used Harrington's design for the mechanism of tower chimes, but improved upon it.  The Durfee (and U.S.Tubular) chimes that I have seen appear to be better engineered than what I have seen in photos of Harrington chimes.  But mechanically they are all quite straightforward.

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    On Sunday, September 24, 2023 at 05:23:32 AM CDT, peter at plrivet.plus.com <peter at plrivet.plus.com> wrote:  
I’ve been asked to advise on the restoration of a chime of eight Harrington, Latham tubular bells in the Blackburn Diocese.  This is unfamiliar territory for me.  Does anyone have experience of this kind of work, and what to watch out for?


Peter Rivet
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