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I examined the Deritend bell with Chris Dalton in 2003. It was quite a “find”. He wrote a rather entertaining account of the visit – a particularly difficult inspection – in “A day in the life of a pair of bell investigators” by Christopher Dalton in Ringing World 25 April 2003 pp.387, 407.


Details of the bell are in my Birmingham bells inventory - https://stmartinsguild.org/heritage-and-history/inventory-of-birmingham-bells/ 


Can’t say why they bought from McShane when there were two busy foundries in Birmingham (perhaps not that surprising given the tonal quality of their bells). Also, the Irish founders were major suppliers to Roman Catholic Churches.


As to McShane, I haven’t checked whether “Dove” has located any that I didn’t know about. But I’m aware (it’s in my inventory) of the chime of thirteen at Falkirk Old Kirk (1926) and a former bell – of which I have details from Taylors’ records – at St.Mary’s (R.C.) church in Heaton Norris, Stockport. The Heaton Norris bell was recast in 1963


Certainly be keen to know if there are any others in the UK


Chris Pickford

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