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The "peculiar" aspect is not the roller bearings but the rotary yoke.  This was a feature that allowed the bell to be rotated on its axis so as to present a fresh striking surface to the clapper, thus improving the sound of the bell after it (and the clapper) had been worn flat by heavy use.  In all cases that rotation could be accomplished in the belfry by simply loosening the mounting bolt(s) of the bell.
American bellfounders patented several different mechanisms for accomplishing this, and each one implicitly touted their own method as being superior to all the rest.  The earliest version was canon-retaining, but later versions worked with flat-topped bells or with conical-neck bells (of which McShane is an example).
I've just added to my work list, "Make a photo page illustrating the different types of rotary yokes."

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> It is provided with a rotary yoke on roller bearings, a mode of
> carriage peculiar to American bells, rendering their ringing remarkably
> easy

That sounds like a description of what we would call standard for a full
circle bell - hardly peculiar to American bells - though at that date
plain bearings would have been more likely.  Or am I missing something?

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