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 I have visited this tower and can say that without doubt the six are not currently ringable.  One of the straps on the fourth bell has completely rusted through and none of the others are in great shape!  
The vicar of Knaresborough, who banned ringing there during his incumbency then moved on to Hunsingore where I assume he took the same approach.  After he left, a group (possibly York Colleges Guild) did some work to get them going again.  
The tower is quite exposed and the weather has taken its toll.  There is also some ground movement (evidenced by the very uneven tiled floor at the base of the tower) which may or may not affect the tower structure.
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For some reason (probably because of it’s isolated location) the six here seem to have spent a goodly portion of their life either unringable or notoriously difficult to ring, my copies of doves from 1976 to 1988 give them as being more or less ringable but  I have often wondered about when they last rung and what exactly where they like as a ring?.

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Oliver lee 

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