[r-t] Minor principles

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Tue Aug 17 21:14:05 UTC 2004

Ander asks,

> Why the interest in this rather strange method anyway?

One word: music!

> I don't think this is possible (or at least not without roughly one
> call per lead).

I don't mind lots of calls. In your rotation to 34-5-3-34.1, I would think a
single 1234 instead of the final 34 notation would give you an S-block which
you could perhaps base an extent on. A single every lead means you have the
right place notation to complete the block of three rows you need
(123465,214365,214356 as you say). Perhaps omits could be useful as one of
the calls needed to link the S-blocks. I'd rather have only one calling
position, but really don't care how many types of call you need there. If
the suggested position doesn't work, perhaps there's a way to break up the
block of five rows instead. What do you think?


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