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Alexander Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Fri Dec 3 19:35:59 UTC 2004

A real example: in the compositions of half-lead spliced surprise minor 
and major based on "Magic PABS blocks", such as my 40320 spliced surpise 
major in 360m posted a month or two ago, some of the "methods" would 
naturally be one-lead ones.  The composition is still true because you 
only ring half a lead at a time.  But to ring it within the current rules 
one has to invent a legal variant with a different lead end (or half lead) 
change that never actually gets rung.

On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, Mark Davies wrote:

>> but methods with only one lead are of no
>> practical use whatsoever.
> Glint, have you not read any of this thread??
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