[r-t] Stedman triples, Little Bob

Richard Grimmett richard at grimmett.org
Tue Dec 7 22:23:00 UTC 2004

> PJE:
> > Contrary to what some people think, I believe Stedman triples is a 
> > decent method.  ...
> > 1) One negative point about Stedman is, I feel, that it is 
> not really 
> > one method, but instead two methods spliced together (ie Erin and 
> > Bastow).  To support this, I would say that no compositions 
> exist (as 
> > far as I am aware on any number of bells) without half-lead calls.  
> > ...
> >
> > 3) Another draw-back is that the method is not 
> traditionally symmetric 
> > about a call being made.  ...

PJE, I feel you are missing a certain 'je ne sais quoi'.  Stedman has a
lot of history surrounding it - and this also adds to its appeal.  That
is one of the reasons we rang various 'historic' compositions this last
weekend as well as more modern ones.  At risk of sounding more stupid
than I hope I am - there is a romanticism.


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