[r-t] Re: Irregular Falseness

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Fri Dec 10 19:01:00 UTC 2004

Richard Smith wrote:

>Someone having a bit of a musical joke, perhaps?
>  K626   -36-6-58-36-14-38-36-18 lh 12    13527486
>  K522   -36-6-58-36-14-38-36-78 lh 12    15478263
K522  appeared in the RW (91p262) as Comp W A Mozart, with the footnote 
"On the composer's birthday in the bicentenary of his death". Although 
it is double the musical possibilities are quite limited. Subsequently I 
noticed that the variant with a 18 half lead was regular (this is only 
possible for an irregular double method if the regular method has lh 
group a). This (RW 92p36) had the footnote "To mark the bicentenary of 
the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart". We had planned to attribute the 
composition as "arr F X Süssmayr", but thought this inappropriate as it 
had been especially commissioned from David Beard.


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