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> Look at pabs' 11-spliced Triples. All these had been pealed by 1935 and 
> are
> double hunt extensions of the minor methods. The first, apart from
> Grandsire, was Single Oxford in 1788.
I don't have the actual comp to hand but (if it's the same one that I have 
in my head!!!? ( if the gentle reader will kindly allow for the fast 
approach of senility), then what I recall of it is that it was an adaptation 
of Pitman's, and that there were two "new methods" - Aldington Pleasure and 
London New Bob.

According to my notes and a letter to the RW  Dec 6th 1957 (page 791) :
"At the Central Council meeting this year it was agreed that the new 
collection  of Triples methods should include all symmetric twin-hunt 
five-lead and single-hunt three-lead pure Triples methods.
The complete list below of such methods will no doubt prove of interest 
....blah blah blah.....Signed F.T.Blagrove.
The same figures quoted in the 11 method peal as being  "Aldington 
Pleasure", in Blagrove's list  refer to  the name "Laughton's Pl;easure", 
likewise the same figures quoted as being "London New Bob" had previously 
enjoyed the title "City Bob". If these two "new" methods had indeed been 
pealed by 1935, one wonders why the name change?


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