[r-t] 23-spliced

John Goldthorpe johng at omnieng.co.uk
Fri Dec 24 12:04:47 UTC 2004

Philp Earis wrote:
>One thing I've wondered for a while is whether any compositions of 
>23-spliced treble-dodging major exist that are in whole courses.  I'm not 
>looking for trivial Derwent variants here (and yes, I have seen Colin 
>Wylde's 24-spliced). Any ideas much appreciated.

I composed this a while ago:


There is 1 course of each method, although a lot of them are split up.  I 
chose the methods because they all start x38x and I thought there was more 
chance of it working.  It was a shame I had to resort to singles to get the 
last couple of methods in.  I expect it would be possible to produce 
something similar but with a few better methods.


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