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> In Reply to Eddie:
> The peal I was referring to is at C502 p13. Given the way my memory works, 
> I
> remember this being published as 'the first in the eleven pure double hunt
> triples methods'.
I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage: I do not know how to access"C502 
p13", nor yet what is meant by pure double hunt triples methods.unless you 
refer to those within the LH group  253746; 275634;267453;246375

However I did quote from the RW Dec 6  1957 page 791 which, as I said, lists 
"all symmetric, twin hunt 5-lead . . . Triples Methods". There are 24 in 
all, including Blagrove's No 6 : "City Bob" : 
and No 8 :  "Laughton'a Pleasure ": - which in 
whatever mysterious comp it was, are noted by me as having been pealed and 
renamed Aldington Pleasure and London New

> Eddie talks about 'Aldington' and 'London New', 'irregular' methods which
> certainly do not appear in pabs peal. In fact, 'London New' does not 
> appear
> at all - is this the same as 'London Delight' in the collection?

No.  (What's irregular about them?) In the above mentioned list by Frank 
Blagrove ( who gave assurasnce to readers of the RW  that this collection of 
24 had been agreed upon by the Central Council to be included in their new 
Collection of Triples Methods), London Delight is his No 15 with PN:

Have a great C\hristmas

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