[r-t] 23-spliced

Alexander Holroyd holroyd at math.ubc.ca
Tue Dec 28 18:39:58 UTC 2004

> Does anyone have a suggestion for simple filters one can apply to the method
> library for good quality methods, or rather for removing poor quality
> methods. One example would be no 78 in the PN other than the halflead, but
> does anyone have any other suggestions?

My first suggestion would be to ignore the library of rung methods 
and just pick ones that work (rung or unrung).  Other criteria might be: 
no more than 4 places made simultaneously, no three blows in the same 
place, no bell spending more than x blows consecutively in two adjacent 
places (where maybe x=14?), no backstroke 87s in the plain course (sorry 
Mark) (although none in the peal would actually be more to the point)...

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