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Don Morrison dfm at mv.com
Wed Dec 29 15:30:59 UTC 2004

From: Graham John <graham at changeringing.co.uk>
 > The risk then is producing a composition containing methods which
 > work, but nobody wants to ring. I tried that 10 years ago with 14
 > atw Surprise Royal - and guess what - it hasn't been rung.

I've put at


a list of (to first approximation) those treble dodging major methods
that have been rung to three or more peals since 1 January 1990. Of
course such a list will include a lot of relative dross, since
Cambridge above methods, simple variations on popular methods, and
methods with more familiar lead end orders will dominate. But it may
be a useful piece of information to include in your thinking if you
want things at least some ringers have been interested in ringing for
more than just a one time name grab.

This is extracted from the Felstead stuff, and thus is a little skewed
in a several ways, such as

- it includes only tower bell peals

- there are some inconsistencies in the way some method names are
recorded, so some peals may be overlooked, or some methods may appear
under two slightly different names; these numbers include things
ending (in the Felstead stuff) with any of " Surprise Major",
" Delight Major" or " Treble Bob Major"

- there are, of course, errors in the Felstead data, though for
aggregate counting stuff like this I suspect they are pretty much

Sadly the Felstead stuff is currently set up so that folks can't
easily do queries like this themselves (sorry!), but I'd be happy to
do a cut at it some other way if you'd prefer. I limited it to peals
since 1990 just because I figured that would reflect current practice
and taste better than including older peals.

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