[r-t] Re: Lincolnshire Extensions

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Thu Nov 11 14:39:13 UTC 2004

As I see it, in the major, the places below the treble are made in FGHI,
whilst in the royal they are made in the positions HIJK. The rule has always
been with respect to extensions below the treble that positions of places
are preserved - as opposed to 'shifting' above (not theoretically correct I
know - but it 'looks' like it prima facie). Lincolnshire was a perfectly
respectable EDE below extension, but this seems to go against (G)B7. [In
expanding extensions below, only 2nds place had to be preserved in position]

To save people looking it up, (G)B7 is `Wherever the parent has a place made
immediately adjacent to the path of a hunt bell, this characteristic must be
retained in all extensions.'

[In Anglia Royal, places are made in various positions, the last of which is
the half-lead - but then the fact that the half-lead can expand or stay
static is well known. The extension actually starts in position J and is of
type SJK. I know that it's in fact a contraction of the maximus, but that's
like saying a child is born before its parent. However, alliance extension
is another, even bigger, can of worms]

When I'm talking to people I assume they know what they're talking about so
I never wilfully misinterpret anything. I've more important things to worry
about and would be a waste of time anyway. This is just an obvious
interpretation of (G)B7. I cannot see how (G)C.2(c)v is relevant to the
point I am making.

Therefore, I restate the question - if the parent has places made below the
treble in FGHI, what interpretation of (G)B7 do we need to remove the
requirement of places in the extension in positions FG? Whatever
interpretation is used, then would be a real change to previous

As regards Vancouver - consider also Biggal S royal - then my point will be

I ask again, why have the explicit, helpful hints, as to where extensions
can 'start' (or 'end'), from the 1971 decision been removed?


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