[r-t] 76 Delight and Surprise

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Tue Nov 30 17:02:10 UTC 2004

Not sure if Philip's request for a review was meant for me but here goes:

It was good! Seriously, a least one plain lead of each method, over 180
changes of method, and well worth doing. Slightly more exciting than the 41
surprise because the Norwich up and Cambridge up are mixed up rather than
being separate. John warned us that the first Cambridge-up was Burnaby, but
neglected to mention the first Carlisle-up was Glastonbury, and it was a bit
of a shock!

Well worth doing, and thanks to John for allowing us to ring it with him.

Question - what is the shortest length that all 147 regular methods can be
rung in, with a least one plain lead of each?

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