[r-t] 5250 Plain Bob 8

Richard Grimmett richard at grimmett.org
Sat Nov 20 00:58:27 UTC 2004

> Could your learner ring the 4th? If so then a change to 
> Cambridge at the end doesn't make any difference, s/he dodges 
> 5-6 down at the single and goes down to lead as if still ringing PB.
> Glenn Taylor
> Bristol

Yes Glenn you are right,

I have been told I am wrong about needing to ring half a lead of anty
And I have been infomed that I could ring variable hunt ....


I think it would be nice to have only two types of call so variable hunt
is out unless I restrict the rest of the calls to only bobs (not poss)
or only singles (not desirable), and I think two changes of a method is
a cheat which I would not be happy with.

Consequently I think I will go for one lead of surprise close to the
beginning, and two changes at the end.

Thanks for the thoughts though Glenn, and everyone else!


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