[r-t] 5250 Plain Bob 8

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Nov 21 21:38:51 UTC 2004

> Not the way I see it (setting myself up for some wisecrack)

Interesting one Richard... why is a half-lead bob the same as a lead-end
bob, in your book? Definitely a different place notation... doesn't
necessarily have the same effect on the coursing order... In fact you could
argue that a bob and a big bob are more closely related in some methods.

> I don't know how one could have a decent composition of Yorkshire 12.


I was looking through the compositions in the new Diary today. Blimey. What
a load of old past-its-sell-by-date bollocks. There's virtually nothing in
there that I'd want to call these days - surely it's time the Ringing World
updated them. There's only one composition by Don Morrison, and nothing from
David Hull - in fact virtually no little-bell arrangements at all. It's like
a 1960s backwater.

OK, I appreciate one of the virtues necessary for a Diary composition is
simplicity & brevity, so a Hull split-tenors cyclic Caters/Royal epic
wouldn't be appropriate, but why is a Fluke arrangement not in there? Some
of the compositions are needlessly over-complex as well as producing no
music. Simplest possible musical quarter peal compositions for Stedman
Caters and Cinques - Davies and House have the solution, the Diary doesn't.
As for the stuff for Surprise Max, I was struggling to contain my horror.

Who puts this stuff together, and do they review it each year?


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