[r-t] What does Mr Grimmett think makes a musical composition?

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Sun Nov 21 21:58:35 UTC 2004

> I have gone off Bristol Max a long time ago.  Its too
> predictable. Glorified plain hunt.

Yes, last peal in 2003 now I look. I agree with you really - it is plain
hunt - but to me plain hunt is the best tune of all.

Predictability is good for composing, too; in unpredictable methods it's
hard to get good compositions. Compositions for predictable methods that
produce lots of music in unpredictable ways are the best, I reckon.

> But I think 9T at the half lead and 14 at the lead-end in Bristol
> Max have remarkable similarity in other ways.

Yes, because Bristol is Double. Presumably you'd refuse to ring hl calls in,
say, Jennie's Endeavour?


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