[r-t] Some good observations from Marky D

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Mon Nov 22 23:45:38 UTC 2004

Clarrie wrote:

> Is there anything to stop sonmeone from defining all of the pns
> in cambridge max (for instance) as calls and telling the band
> that these calls are going to be at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. rows
> of a lead and consequently he will not call them all (allowing
> that part of the compositrion to be silent), but will call
> leadend/head ones.  He can then say 'go bristol', or anything
> for that matter including the biggest nmber of spliced to be rung,
> and the band can ring cambridge (for instance).

> Where is the limit on calls?

None, and worse wtill you could define the whole lead as one call. See my
correspondence (below) with Tony Smith on this topic prior to the recent
decision change.

My query (15/2/2004):

> 1. Long calls

> This definition now permits a very long call, perhaps changing the
> place notation for a whole lead. In effect it could be used to define
> some of the linking techniques in current use. One could call a change
> of method to one having the right lead length, then call bob, and ring
> any place notation the composer wished for the whole lead, only to
> change into another method at the end of the lead. The effect would be
> that the method called would not have been rung at all.

> Is this the intention?

Tony's response

> 1. The change in (Decision (E) A.2) from "between two consecutive rows"
> to "between two or more consecutive rows" is intended to reflect the
> fact that calls can affect more than one change, for example, a
> Grandsire single affects two consecutive changes, a Scientific Triples
> bob affects three consecutive changes, and Doubles calls often affect
> five consecutive changes. Now you could say that these are sequences
> of different types of calls made in consecutive changes but we hope
> that the proposed changed wording is less confusing. It actually makes
> no difference at all to what calls are permitted since you could ring
> your long calls now as a sequence of consecutive calls.

The CC approved the change.


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