[r-t] Carlisle, Minor Music, Wraps, Cyclic focus

Philip Earis pje24 at cantab.net
Thu Nov 25 23:43:50 UTC 2004

> Andrew, this is simply madness. One of the pleasures of ringing Carlisle 
> is
> the many and beautiful 65s at backstroke the method so easily produces.

I agree.

> Instead, and more importantly, we should be looking at how to maximise the
> number of wraps across the change in Minor compositions.

Hey Marky, I agree again.  Some results looking into this are on my website 
(http://ringing.8bit.co.uk/music.html), but I expect you know that already.

A few days ago Glint was expressing a fondness for wraps backstroke -> 
handstroke.  Whilst I find this a bit puzzling, it made me think about 
treble-dodging cyclic methods again.  Ah, the good old days. A bit of 
playing around and this property is present a lot in decent simple methods 
with managable falseness. Here are three examples, all with glide symmetry. 
The first two are varients (the first feels familiar - I may have mentioned 
it before but can find no record), the third is a bit different.

-56-14-56-38-34-18-56-78-34-58-34-16-56-18-34-12 = 18234567   80 <4-runs> 
in course: BDE   out of course: a
-56-14-56-18-34-38-56-78-34-58-34-18-56-16-34-12 = 18234567   80 <4-runs> 
in course: BDE   out of course: a

-34-14-12-18-34-18-56-78-56-58-78-18-56-18-34-12   18234567   114 <4-runs> 
in course: BDL2S out of course: Cae

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