[r-t] Re: 76 spliced surprise and 4ths place delight

John Warboys john.warboys at lineone.net
Fri Nov 26 18:57:40 UTC 2004

PJE requested a commentary so here goes.

The approach I took for this was the same as my 5040's for the 41 Surprise
(No's 1-5) and the 42 3rds Place Delight, i.e. to build up a group of grid
splices which incorporate all of the required methods.  Each grid splice is
split across different 'extents' and different backworks.  The 76 is put
together using 6 different grids (A-F) as outlined below, all with the 6th
as observation.  I then added an extent of Old Oxford with a couple of
courses course-spliced as Marple.  These base courses, along with
traditional splices, can then be arranged to include all 76 methods.  When
I put this together (2 or 3 years ago now) I only managed to find one other
set of grids which would allow inclusion of all the methods, but there may
of course be others that I didn't find.

23456 Norwich S (A)
42635 Warkworth S (B)
64523 Norwich S (A)
56342 Warkworth S (B)
35264 Norwich S (A)

23456 Ipswich S (E)
42635 Bourne S (E)
56342 Ipswich S (E)
35264 Surfleet S (B)
64523 Surfleet S (B)

23456 Cambridge S (F)
56342 York S (C)
64523 York S (C)
42635 Cambridge S (F)
35264 Elston D (D)

23456 Netherseale S (E)
64523 Netherseale S (E)
35264 Westminster S (D)
56342 Lightfoot S (C)
42635 Westminster S (D)

23456 Bedford D (F)
56342 Westminster S (D)
64523 Westminster S (D)
42635 Bedford D (F)
35264 Bamborough S (F)

23456 Kirkstall D (A)
64523 Kirkstall D (A)
35264 York S (C)
56342 Burslem D (B)
42635 York S (C)

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