[r-t] Wraps of Rounds

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Sat Nov 27 23:27:29 UTC 2004

Philip Saddleton <pabs at cantab.net> wrote at 00:00:19 on Wed, 10 Nov 2004
>"King, Peter R" <peter.king at imperial.ac.uk> wrote at 15:16:25 on Tue, 9 
>Nov 2004
>>Not quite but I believe Patrick Brooke had a composition of Plain & 
>>Little with this feature (I think it also had all possible occurences 
>>of 5678 both within the change and across the change). I have no doubt 
>>PABS could supply the details (as he rang in it if I remember correctly).
>No I didn't - and I think it was by Peter Swift.

I was wrong - it was Patrick's composition, Peter tells me (but I didn't 
ring in it) - you'd better ask Patrick.


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