[r-t] Re: Extension (Again)

Robin Woolley robin at robinw.org.uk
Wed Oct 13 09:16:06 UTC 2004

My interest in extension began in 1987 with the attempted extensiuon of
Roker (S8) to royal, by Mike Maughan I think, In fact, the attempt was not
correct failing to preserve places below the treble in 7-8.

There are two 'classical' extensions of the major to royal, but these have
been discounted on the (old) grounds of non-indefinite extension. Is it
possible to extend Roker via the paths of either of the royal extensions to
higher stages?

Roker S8: x3x4x2x3.4x4.3x456x7; 2nds

'royal #1':  1BC/NHI x3x4x25x36.4x4.3x456x7x456x7 (N = number of bells at
current stage)
'royal #2': 1CD/1FG x3x4x2x36.4x4.3.6x6.5x678x9

Whether either of these is sufficiently 'similar' to the parent is another

If there are no extensions further down these paths, are there any 'quantum'
(i.e., modal) extensions?

Thanks in anticipation

Robin Woolley

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