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I'm no mathematician so cannot put forward any succinct argument. However,
back in the days when I thought it impossible to get a true 5040 of bobs
only Stedman Triples, I had had a discussion with Prof White of Michigan U
who was about to take a sabbatical trip to New South Wales U where part of
the menu included an investigation into this problem. For our chat I had
written out every bobbed block that contains rounds and said that in my
opinion what was needed was to start with one b-block then omit out into the
great unknown, eventually omit back into one of the other b blocks, omit out
again and finally omit back into the original (ie initially an even number
of omits) After he had left I did notice the phenomenon that choosing any
one of the b-blocks two others contain a sequence of three sixes containing
the same changes (but with different six-ends) To cut it short I actually
worked out 5 independent blocks (The Magic ones) which succeeded in joining
b-blocks together using an even number of omits. The next task was to join
these 5 together using 3-member sets of omits and finally to include any
b-blocks left over, again by using 3-member sets of omits. But my brain just
wasn't big enough to deal with the entire if this then that's that these
tasks involved.and I was swamped by pages of confusing calculations and
alternative routes.I haven't a clue as how to programme a computer so that
was that for me

It's my understanding that the 5040 of Erin Triples cannot be set out in 168
bobbed blocks therefore we are not going to be able to find similar
variations of bobbed block and the same phenomena that exists with Stedman.
So, perhaps there are choices of true courses, which are interchangeable so
as to cut out the need for 3-member sets of omits? Again there are very few
true bobs only courses of Erin Triples and there is no choice available of
which I am aware.

Carter's Triples is based on bobbed blocks of Stedman, however the method
would have to be broken up to allow the Magic Table to come into play.

I have been struggling with Scientific and Martin's to see if I could do
away with having to use Holt's singles. Here I was looking for two sets of
PN that would include the same row types but would switch an even number of
leads (including rows from only those leads). I found one for Scientific but
while it successfully joined two courses together it used rows from other
courses and therefore did not meet requirements as I understand them

Sorry to have been so long winded without actually saying much


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> Okay.  What are the latest theories on bobs only Erin Triples?

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