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John Camp camp at bellringers.org
Fri Oct 29 18:50:50 UTC 2004

At 18:48 on 29 October 2004, Mark Davies wrote:

> Mr Andrew Tibbetts wrote,

>> Go for it, you really think I base my ringing on what the CC or other
>> randoms think?? ;-)

> I thought you always did the opposite of what they said, so, yes.

Mustn't be frivolous on this list, so a (reasonably) serious point.
Master Tibbetts has been one of those who has extended the bounds of
what was thought possible, both in terms of physical ringing and in
terms of methods. But these activities are recognisable as ringing
only because they are in, or close to, the region of what is accepted
by the CC and by ringers in general. If he, with his heroic
companions, chose to strike random blows on a collection of beer
bottles for 17 hours, we might commend their tenacity and
perseverance, but it would be too far from ringing norms to count as

So we need the CC and its committees. There has to be a norm from
which people can deviate, should they wish. And we shouldn't
underestimate or undervalue the commitment and knowledge which goes
into making the decisions everyone loves to hate.

No - I'm not after a brown-nose award.

John Camp

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