[r-t] Mobile methods

Robin Hall halls at twiddlepin.org.uk
Fri Sep 24 15:38:46 UTC 2004

Apologies for deviating from the staple diet of the list, but it is Friday afternoon ...

Some time ago after a peal of xxx (a familiar Surprise Major method), someone told me that what he thought was good about xxx was that every place bell traversed the whole change. We couldn't think of any other methods with that property, but agreed that it is a property you might want to include if you were to define the requirements of a 'perfect' method.

In an idle moment or two, I've just run an exhaustive search over the rung Surprise Major methods to produce a list of methods with this property. Interestingly xxx doesn't feature in the list, as I decided that the lead should be from lead head to lead end inclusive, rather than from the row after the lead head to the next lead head. 

Guess the identity of xxx and guess how many methods do fit the bill. 


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