[r-t] SOx7 and Eril

Don Morrison dfm at mv.com
Thu Sep 16 18:43:24 UTC 2004

Philip Saddleton <pabs at cantab.net> wrote on 16 September 2004:
 > Samuel M. Austin <combineharvestersam at hotmail.com> wrote at 14:44:46 on 
 > Thu, 16 Sep 2004
 > >Is SOx7 a bogey method which can be very false?
 > The lead isn't symmetric about the treble's lead, which means that there 
 > is falseness between in and out-of course rows.

Is this short-hand for "between leads with in course lead heads and
leads with out of course lead heads" or something like that? Clearly
an in course row can't be false against an out of course row....

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