[r-t] SOx7 and Eril

Janice Brown janiceb at themail.co.uk
Fri Sep 17 18:41:48 UTC 2004

Sam wrote:
>I have been trying in vain to get, first a peal, and secondly a quarter
>peal of Single Oxford 7 out of Eril.
>First I tried to get 1 part of a peal out of eril  - part end being
>Nothing happened.
>Next I tried to get a four part 1/4peal with 3 and 6 fixed - part ends
>It hasn't worked. I can get the first part up ok. The first and second
>together is says - "too many b¦s¦p operations it will take ages to prove"
>It does work though if you reduce the length to 1/2 a 1/4peal - around
>600ish changes.
>But then thats where I get even more stuck because at the next lead it
>becomes false no matter if you use b s or p.
>Is SOx7 a bogey method which can be very false?
>How do you get eril to create a longer length? Can you get it to start from
>a row that isn't rounds?

At last...a method I know something about is mentioned on the list!

Single Oxford Bob Triple*is* notoriously false...but I have managed to
compose some very musical quarters of it, plus one of SOB9.
However, as I always use MicroSiril to check my compositions, I can't give
you any advice on using eril, but if you give more details of your
composition, I could try and prove for you, and see where and why it's going

Janice Brown

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