[r-t] Extents of Stedman Cinques

Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Fri Sep 17 22:04:10 UTC 2004

Andrew Johnson <andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com> wrote at 10:31:23 on Fri, 17 
Sep 2004
>For a bobs-only peal we want there to be an odd number of blocks to 
>result from the search so either the order (size) of a group must be 
>odd, or the parts must link so that an odd number of blocks results. In 
>mathematical terms the group must have a in-course cyclic subgroup with 
>an odd number of cosets, or equivalently the 2-Sylow subgroup must be 
>cyclic and in-course.

Or we can mess around with the blocks to turn an even number into an odd 
number. With 5ths place bobs, the equivalents of the Wyld/Johnson magic 
blocks are 9 blocks each with 7 omits, containing the rows from 54 


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