[r-t] Mobile methods

Don Morrison dfm at mv.com
Fri Sep 24 17:16:44 UTC 2004

Robin Hall <halls at twiddlepin.org.uk> wrote on 24 September 2004:
 > Guess the identity of xxx and guess how many methods do fit the bill. 

Presumably xxx is London Surprise major: 7ths place bell does do the
full excursion from the row after the lead head to the next lead head, 
but thought of from lead head to lead end it never rings in 8ths

Given the goal of the exercise may be "what would people that like
lots of motion end to end find pleasant," I'd think counting the lead
as lead head to lead head inclusive (that is, the lead head is double
counted, as both a part of the preceding and succeeding leads) might
seem to make sense, which I presume would open things up a little bit

As to how many methods fit the bill, I'd only be able to hazard an
absolutely wild guess. Many of the things that have been rung to death 
can't be: 

 - no treble dodging Mx methods can have this property

 - no B lead end methods with 7ths at the half-lead
   can have this property.

As my completely wild guess I'm going to suggest perhaps only about 25
have been rung with your definition of the property, lead head through
lead end inclusive. 

I look forward to seeing what the real answer is.

Don Morrison <dfm at mv.com>
"We read fine...things but never feel them to [the] full until we
have gone the same steps as the author."             -- John Keats

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