[r-t] Little Bell Music

Robin Hall halls at twiddlepin.org.uk
Wed Sep 29 09:25:50 UTC 2004

Of course it's all subjective, and long may it continue to be.

However, if a composer (or several composers) aim to produce little bell music in their compositions, it seems sensible for he/she (or them) to quantify their success in meeting that aim, so that compositions of the same genre can be meaningfully compared.

Conductors who prefer the kebabs of CRUs can continue to choose compositions that deliver the soggy pitta bread they desire, while those looking for the Lobster Thermidor of little-bell runs can choose compositions with lots of that. Chacun a son gout, or some such.

Of course there are individual changes that hit the spot too, but for a peal of 5000+ changes, a composer will generally need more to build on than a handful of 'sparklers' that he'd like to include.

Earis will have you believe that runs are everything and would, allegedly, happily spend his day ringing the sequence 12345678, 23456781, 34567812, 45678123 &c. You'd probably need to meet him to even begin to understand why. 


Robin, Dorothy and Matthew Hall


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