[r-t] CRU falseness

freepabs at freeuk.com freepabs at freeuk.com
Fri Apr 8 14:38:39 UTC 2005

The ones with no more than two places, and no 78s are all delight:

a	56-38.14-56-18.34-	aCaaaRUe
a	56-38.14-56-18.34-	aCaaaRUX
c	56-38.14-56-18-12-58.14-16.38	aCaaaaRU
c	56-38.14-56-	aCaaYYRU

There are two very similar surprise methods with no 78s:

e	56-38.14.56-56.1238-14-38.16-36.58	aCaaccUR
e	56-38.1456-56-1238-14-38.16-36.58	aCaaccUR


>This is a bit frivolous, but anyway... 

>The inventor of the method 'True Surprise Major' (falseness CPS) is 
>looking for a surprise major method that has CRU falseness. After a 
>quick look, I came up with about ten treble-dodging possibilities, and 

>I've listed the surprise ones below. 

>Unsurprisingly, the methods (all mx) are not exactly good. All have 
>some out of course stuff, too, and all also have 7ths made above the 
>treble. So, 

>1) Can anyone do better? 
>2) Can anyone come up with a peal comp.? 
>3) Why would anyone want to ring it?! 

>&56-3.6-5-36.27.34-3.6-36.5,8 14263857 CRUad Untitled Surprise 
>&56-3.6-5.2.367-34-3.6-36.5,8 14263857 CRUade Untitled Surprise 
>&56-3.6-,8 14263857 CRUade Untitled Surprise 

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