[r-t] What's the meaning of a method having aparticularfalsecourse head

Graham John graham at changeringing.co.uk
Sat Apr 23 13:13:43 UTC 2005

Don wrote:

> Can you point me at a specific reference and page number for
> something about this? Part of why I asked the question that
> started this thread is that I couldn't recall ever actually
> having seen it discussed explicitly.

1. A Handbook of Composition by John Leary (CC pub 1993)

Appendix 1 pg 51.

"Group A is not shown. It contains the remaining in-course FCH, which is
23456, and represents the trivial case of the plain course being false
against itself."

2. Any sources listing falseness groups of methods never mention Group A
(because the methods in collections are true in the plain course) e.g. 

- Wratten 
- Collections of Rung Surprise (CC pub)
- Collection of Universal Compositions
- Methodmaster FCH derivation
- Also the method names CRU, Roald Dahl, Deng, Bendigo etc would not have
been so named if it was a convention to include A.



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