[r-t] What's the meaning of a method having aparticularfalsecourse head

Andrew Johnson andrew_johnson at uk.ibm.com
Thu Apr 28 09:09:21 UTC 2005

>Andrew Johnson wrote:
>> Is the table of the 'groups' of false course heads available online?
>> Some of the groups are mentioned in Wilfred Wilson's book 'Change
>> Ringing', but that list isn't complete.

Thanks Richard, that's just what I wanted.

I checked, and what Wilson actually says on page 113 is:

(a) The false course ends (FCE) are shown by reference to a code
letter and, while the following is not a complete list of all the false
courses and their code letters that are used by the Exercise, it includes
all those that are found in the methods given:

  A: 32546   F: 32465
  B: 24365   G: 43265
  C: 53624   L: 26543
  D: 46253   M: 36245
  E: 65432   N: 42563

  Always make sure, if you use a code letter instead of writing the false
course row in full, that it is quite clear which row of figures is

It therefore looks like the notation changed sometime after 1965, as 
explained here.

Andrew Johnson

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