[r-t] How to solve problems (was "Composing spliced treble-dodging

Mark Davies mark at snowtiger.net
Tue Aug 9 07:36:23 UTC 2005

Michael Schulte writes,

> Hardly productive and quite offensive. I hope I have misread your intent

No no! Exactly right Michael. I was exercising a type of rudeness and
offensiveness which we might call "constructive rudeness". It's probably not
so common in the States, but over here it's quite popular, and used to good
effect it's an excellent tool. Look at all the positive things it's

1. Generated and extended the debate.
2. Introduced a new angle to the discussion.
3. Stirred up some controversy.
4. And who knows - perhaps in years to come Mr William Dawson will become a
brilliant and innovative composer, simply because once, long ago, some
gibbon told him he was thick and could never do it.

You never know...


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