[r-t] Composing spliced treble-dodging major

King, Peter R peter.king at imperial.ac.uk
Sat Aug 20 10:46:46 UTC 2005

"...It is perhaps less useful if you have a set of methods in mind that you 
wish to splice together (although you can limit the methods selection by 
editing the methods file)"

This I would disagree with, though.  I started out with the intention of 
composing a stonking cyclic peal of 23-spliced.  I had about 18 very decent 
stand-alone methods I definitely wanted in there, picking the best methods 
from Smith's & Chandler's & adding a few choice others (which have been 
praised on this list previously), & leaving out the dross. After a few hours 
playing I managed to get everything in to my satisfaction:

Fair comment. You simply edit the method files to have whatever methods you want. What I meant was that if you wanted to produce a composition with a small number of methods, say 4 spliced (or even 8) then, because you can't change the lead head order (without going back in and editing the text files etc.) it gets a bit tedious. Also it isn't always user friendly when it craches (eg it can be very picky about things like spaces in the method specification, or if you specify a lead head order which is false it doesn't help you). But this is really very minor and if you know roughly what you are doing it is incredibly powerful and you can very quickly put together some interesting compositions. I would certainly endorse PJE's superlatives.
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