[r-t] RE: New method review - part I

Samuel M. Austin combineharvestersam at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 17 16:11:13 UTC 2005

I hope there are more reviews to come. Don't just stick to S major like 
'From the X-Files' used to do in the RW.



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>Subject: [r-t] New method review - part I
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>Freehold Society
>Loughborough, Leics.
>Bellfoundry Tower
>Tuesday, 11 January 2005 in 2hr24min (6-2-13)
>5184 Kettleby Surprise Major
>Composed by: Gen BYROC
>1 Gail L Wade
>2 Paul M Mason
>3 Colin Lord
>4 Peter England
>5 Martyn J Marriott
>6 Rev Reginald J Stretton
>7 Andrew A Ward
>8 Andrew D Higson (C)
>First peal in the method. x38x14x12.58.1236x12x1458x36x38 le12
>Whilst one step above rank bottom, this pseudo-right-place a-group method
>has little to recommend it.  Though it starts with the pleasant -3-4-2
>overwork, this offering rapidly descends into a series of pointless
>double-changes and unneccessary random notations merely to produce a new
>method name. I wasn't at all surprised to see that the composition was
>standard BYROC fare.  There were probably 60 CRUS, and worse still that was
>probably considered a good effort.
>Any treble-dodging major method with 3rds made at the half-lead is on
>potentially shaky ground, and x36x38 round the half-lead seems especially
>uninspiring.  Indeed, coursing fours never properly come together on the
>front. Furthermore, the awkward BDO falseness seems pointlessly 
>The band should realise that some reasonable methods have been rung before,
>and that new does not necessarily mean good.  Raunds (-3-4-2-6-34-5-4-7,2
>first rung 1938) and Weatheroak (-3-4-2-3-4-5-34-5,2 first rung 1955) are
>two better alternative surpise major methods on a similar plan which both
>spring to mind.

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