[r-t] Re: Albanian

Richard Smith richard at ex-parrot.com
Tue Jan 11 15:44:30 UTC 2005

Robin Woolley wrote:

> there is an alternative series, not covered by the decisions of course,
> which goes Cambridge-6, Yorkshire-8, Albanian-10 and Southwark-12,..

Extending Yorkshire Major to Albanian Royal and then to
Southwark Max is perfectly legitimate (under either the new
or the old decisions).  And if, using this pattern, you
contract Yorkshire Major, you'll get Cambridge Minor.  But
Yorkshire Major isn't a legitimate extension of Cambridge

This reminds me of a discussion a year or two ago on the c-r
list.  I took Bristol Royal, Max, ..., and said that these
have 1, 2, ... copies of the section 4-7.58 (from the
Royal).  I then said that if you took the method zero copies
of that piece of work, you get Bristol Major.

It's arguable whether Bristol Royal should be regarded as an
extention of Bristol Major.  (It's not under the current
decisions.)  But I would suggest that if you set about
trying to extend Bristol Major without reference to the CC
Decisions, but just trying to preserve the "feel" of the
method, you would almost certainly arrive at Bristol Royal.

In the case of Cambridge Minor, there is a more obvious
extension -- the usual one.  But if for some reason that
didn't work, I wonder whether we would have ended up with
Yorkshire Major as the extension of Cambridge Minor?  To me,
it is more plausible than any of the other currently-allowed

> There is an another series beginning Pudsey-8, Prittlewell-10,.. and one
> starting Solihull-10,..


And a series beginning Cambridge Minor, Pudsey Major,
Solihull Royal, Saskatchewan Maximus.  But at some point you
have to draw a line and say, yes, there is an obvious series
of methods here, but, no, I don't regard them as different
stages of the same method.


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