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Philip Saddleton pabs at cantab.net
Sat Jan 22 12:09:17 UTC 2005

Robin Woolley said  on 22/01/2005 05:16:

>In reply to Andrew & Ben of 17th Jan.
>Careful study of (G)B yields the following speculation: (G)B2 - 6 do not
>apply to principles. The internal evidence shows that these paras. use the
>word 'method', whereas (G)B7, 8 use the word 'parent'. (G)B2 - 6 could quite
>easily use 'parent', or no word at all. Since method is used explicitly, it
>can be taken not to include principles.
Principles are methods.


(e) There are four /types/ of method:
ii. Methods with no hunt bells are known as /principles/ if all the 
working bells do the same work in the plain course and the number of 
leads is the same as the number of bells.

>There is further evidence I could quote, but can be found on the MC's
>web-site concerning the Peterboro' meeting. (Proposition 6)
>As regards Little methods, apart poss. from Very Little Bob Minor, are any
Double Bishopstoke Little Surprise Major


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